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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My View About Opportunist vs. Entrepreneur

Yup, it is been a while I have not updated my BLOG. Quite busy doing my offline chores. Anyway I like to share with you my view about Opportunist versus Entrepreneur. Check it out below.

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A lot's been made since Rich Schefren leaked his Internet Marketing Manifesto about the importance of building a true business with real systems, instead of just being an opportunist marketer, out for the latest shiny object.

Two things...

The reason I bring it up is that Fabio Marciano and Mike Ambrosio went out and found 13 top butterfly marketers to interrogate and get them to reveal all of their strategies for success. These interviews, which don't cost anything to listen to, are 100% pure info...without the usual teleseminar BS and upsell garbage.

The reason I bring up Schefren is that these guys on the calls have really focused in on their core competencies and what they're good at and they got paid very, very handsomely as a result.

If you're anxious to take your business to the next level, but have not been able to build a profitable info marketing funnel, then you are going to love this...

Mike and Fabio have put together, by far, the best interview product this year.

Seriously, it's that good.
Best of all, you can get acess to the interviews at no cost.
There are quite a few fast action bonuses so make sure you check it out today...

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