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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Apsense Income Plan For 2008

Hi Everyone,

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Best Regards,
Z.H. Dine

Yoga For Men To Keep Stress Away

Yoga for men is fast catching on and the result is that more and more men are taking to this form of exercise and there are many reasons behind this switch including helping to rid you of stress and making the body more flexible. In addition, yoga is known to lessen the chances of developing heart diseases, lowers the chance of being depressed and also keeps high blood pressure at bay.

Perform Daily Chores Minus The Stress

Yoga for men helps in improving the strength of the body and makes it more flexible and it has a very calming effect on the mind as well, which is much appreciated by men, who somehow must find time to practice yoga even despite hectic work schedules. Once you get hooked on yoga, you will find that it benefits your daily routines and yoga for men has helped many males practice their daily chores much like how they perform yoga which is by being more centered and breathing calmly as well as being focused which leads to them not being bothered by little things that otherwise would have stressed them out.

After males take to yoga for men, they find that their minds are a lot calmer which makes their everyday lives a lot easier to live, and it also is a means to protect the body from physical damage that can come about because of stress. In fact, yoga for men combines meditation as well as breathing which makes the participant synchronize his mind with the body and also downplays whatever stress is being felt which leads to lesser chance of developing heart diseases and other similar ailments.

This is very important for men, because unlike women, who can handle stress very well, they will tend to ignore signs of stress which will result in elevated heart rates, high blood pressure problems and even platelets become stickier. If it were not for yoga for men, it would be hard to imagine a way out for them, and there are also other changes that are often noticed in men besides physical ones and these are the behavioral changes that come about because of stress.

Yoga for men will certainly help men to come out of these behavioral changes that include activities such as eating less healthy foods, exercising less and also engaging in activities that are high risk including drinking and also smoking. A mere twenty to forty minutes of yoga for men each day in which they can sit and be silent and then do some gentle stretching and also breathe deeply will do wonders for them and stress will no longer be a problem.

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Z.H. Dine

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Free Dating Advice From The Expert

Possibly there is no one on the face of earth who does not experience at least a bit of anxiety while planning for the first date with someone. Many people seek professional guidance at that time, however a huge number of people largely depend on free dating advice. Internet is the most preferred location to search for such advices. There are many web sites that offer a whole host of information regarding free dating advice.

Apart from that, you may count on several dating magazine rich with different specialized information about dating and free dating advice. Dating advice largely varies on both gender and age, so is true with free dating advice. A teenager dating is not similar as the dating of a mature individual. However, this article sheds light on some general aspect of dating which does not really depend of your age or gender. Here we go.

Smile Costs Nothing
An old saying says: "A smile costs nothing but gives much". This is very true in the case of dating. A smile can do all the wonder. You should only know how to smile back at right time. In fact, your smile can convey the universe of information that your words can not do. On the other hand, smiling can make the other person ease.

Remember, as you become apprehensive about your date, so are your partner. Smile is a wonderful mode to express your feeling even when you do not have anything actually to say. It can also save you from a whole host of embarrassment or hesitation. So to make a successful day, don’t let your smile leave you ever.

Maintain a Decent Look
If you are seeking free dating advice, it means sooner or later you are going to prepare yourself for an exciting dating experience. You must maintain a decent look at the time of your dating. Unless it is compulsory, you may wear casual wear, however the color selection can be elegant and matching to your age or gender.

No matter how far you would follow a free dating advice, but you must know how not to become clumsy and nauseating by using an excessive amount of synthetic perfume with an intense aroma. You should know how to go ease with your cologne all the time. Meet experts and ask for immediate relief if you are having bad breath problem.

Manage Expenses
Especially when you are on your first date, you should put an extra effort to manage your expenses. Many people expense a lot in their first date simply because with an intention to impress the partner. However, this trick always never works. It may be possible that both of you simply end up deciding not to meet further.

That means you are wasting your money instead of making your partner having an ever-lasting impression about you. There are various places where you can take your date and spend a great time together, however in an inexpensive fashion. For your first date, you may consider places like a picnic garden or a park, art shows or museums and like others.

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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sex - The Easy Way to Quick Stress Relief!

Everyone deals with stress in his or her own way. One of the most common ways is lighting up a cigarette. Unfortunately, this is also one of the least healthy ways to deal with stress. So how do you find a healthy alternative for quick stress relief?

Writing, or keeping a journal, is a proven method of quick stress relief because it allows you to express yourself creatively while viewing your perceived problems in a different light. Of course, this is not for everyone, and you may even find stress levels increase as you place pressure on yourself to think of something to write. Hello, writer’s block!

Meditation and Yoga as Stress Relief

Perhaps the oldest form of stress relief is meditation. Anyone can do this without any prior training because it only requires you and your mind. All you have to do is breathe deeply and focus your mind on nothingness. Once you have achieved this state, you’ll find that meditation is not only great for quick stress relief, but can also help you easily get some sleep.

You may want to combine meditation with muscle relaxation techniques. To do this you tense and relax your muscles slowly. For example, starting with your toes, you tense the muscles, then slowly release as you breathe deeply. Move on to your calves, then your thighs, and so on until you have focused on all your muscle groups. Yoga is also an ancient stress reliever, but it requires some training to get started, so you may not wish to utilize this practice for quick stress relief, but rather for its long-term benefits.

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

Exercise is fun! Okay, so it may not really be fun, but it is probably the one path to quick stress relief that will provide you with the most benefits. And you may not think so, but it’s incredibly easy to get started. Just drop everything and try 5 or 10 or 20 push-ups or sit-ups; that’s all it takes to change your mind’s focus from the things that are causing you stress.

By the time you are straining to knock out that last rep your boss’s belly-aching will be miles away. You may be a little sore at first, but the physical stress is a lot easier to overcome than the emotional variety. And maybe you can even talk your significant other into giving you a massage, another form of quick stress relief that may lead to the most fun stress reliever of all.

Come to think of it, the oldest way to find quick stress relief isn’t meditation at all, and it’s not nearly the most fun. In this day and age of therapy and prescription medication, sex is probably the most overlooked stress reliever of all. But as long as you have a consenting partner, it can be the easiest way to quick stress relief, and it can also serve as a form of exercise and just a general way to put a smile back on your face.

You may find that stress has caused your libido to slow to a crawl, but a little creativity can relight that fire and you will be well on your way to enjoyable stress management.

By Internet Dummy

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GPS and PDA? What is it?

Is it a GPS, a PDA or Both?

There are so many cool thing and gadget these days. Day by day there always be a new invention. Ok but what is GPS and PDA actually?

A GPS is a Global Positioning System which is basically a device which shows your current location on Earth to a high degree of accuracy. These devices are mainly used commercially as high-end maps which offer detailed directions to a plethora of locations in the country. An example of this is the Garmin nuvi 350. It comes with many preloaded maps and various Points of Interest which make it easier for the user to find stores, accommodation and even food wherever he or she may be with the ease of a touch screen.

A PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant or a “pocket computer” in layman’s terms. Nowadays, PDAs have gained audio capabilities which allow them to be used as mobile phones too- an extremely popular example is the BlackBerry, owned by RIM. This phone has been dominating the PDA market over many years and continues to gain popularity due to celebrities such as Paris Hilton using them.

Therefore, GPS PDAs are PDAs which have the added function of being GPS enabled. This means that one can find maps and directions on them too. An example of this device may be the Garmin iQue300 which holds the honor of being the first PDA to include GPS technology. Its GPS system was a Garmin and its PDA Operating System was that of Palm OS 5. A bonus feature in this product was that it could locate contacts stored on the phone through voice activation.

However, the debate rages on as to which is better? Are a GPS and PDA as two separate gadgets a wiser choice or should one opt for a converged device?

One Gizmo or Two?

There are pros and cons to whichever one you choose. Buying the GPS and the PDA separately will definitely be harder on your wallet than a converged device. Also, while hiking or pursuing any activity outside the car, a bulky GPS will be more of a problem than a help (unless you buy a GPS suited for the outdoors, which in turn will be more expensive).

In such situations you will be best suited with a GPS PDA phone. On the other hand, a converged unit may be more distracting for the user especially if he is using the phone and the GPS at the same time. The GPS PDA phone will also have a comparatively smaller screen than that of a GPS on its own, so it may be harder to read.

All in all, it depends on your needs. If you are technophobic and want to keep using your PDA as a minicomputer and a phone; separate units are better for you. But if you want to go easy on your wallet and don’t mind a little more complications, then a GPS PDA phone maybe your best choice.

More Than Just The Way To Grandma’s House

A PDA GPS system offers a lot more than just a convenient way to find the golf course nearest to the hotel you are staying in. PDA GPS, since it is portable, can also help you in case you wind up in a part of the world that you have never seen before. Many people can get just as lost walking, or going for a leisurely hike, as they can when they go for a drive. With a PDA GPS system you can always have the option of trying to get accurate directions to help you find your way out of nearly any situation.

The advantages to having a portable GPS system are a long list. If you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy city and you need to get to an important meeting then the GPS system can help you find alternate ways of getting to your meeting. If you need a restaurant, hotel, or any other kind of business in the location you are at you can find any of that with GPS and then use your phone to contact that business to make any arrangements you may need to make.

GPS is quite a powerful invention and it has as many practical applications as it does life saving ones. Team up GPS with PDA and you suddenly have the ability to help find lost hikers in the mountains or find your way to safety out of nearly any situation that you get into.

By Internet Dummy

p/s: I got a PDA but Not A GPS PDA.

Thursday, July 05, 2007

Add Value To Your Live NOW!

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If you give me the next 4 minutes of your time, I will give you, inreturn, a technique that will open you up to a new world ofunbelievable inner freedom and comfort, plus tremendous success inyour finances, health, and relationships. And, all the risk will beon me. Fair enough?

Dear fellow Life Traveler,

One fine day, twenty-two years ago, two young teenagers left homeand joined the same college. Four years later, they both graduatedwith honors from that same college, having become friends. In termsof qualifications and intelligence, they were both very alike. Theywere both ambitious and they both voraciously devoured all newwisdom they could find regarding their careers, their lives, andtheir health. In fact, they even worked out at the same gym. Youknow, they both wanted to get ahead in all ways.

Today, twenty-two years later, they are still friends. They areboth still ambitious, and they do their very best to make a betterlife for themselves and their loved ones. And they are both marriedwith children.

But there is one difference. Although they both pretty much hangedout together, attended seminars, read a lot, and did their best,their results were dramatically different!

Dramatically!While one has an income of $45,000 annually and seems to strugglethrough life every now and then, the other enjoys life, has itgoing pretty good in most areas, and has a net worth of $1.7million with a $230,000 annual income.

What Made The Difference?

Have you ever wondered, as I used to, what creates this sort ofdifference in two similar people's lives? It isn't that one ofthese teenagers wanted success and the other didn't. They bothwanted it. It isn't that one of them didn't have the resources andthe other did. They both attended the same college, graduated withhonors, went to seminars, read books, and so on.

The difference lies in the way each person plays their inner game.The only obstacles, as you will soon see, come from within. Andoften, the person doesn't even know they are originating fromwithin; all they see is the outer result, the outer, self-createdobstacle. To the untrained eye, it seems as if the obstacles areexternal.

What you are about to see will require an open mind from you. Ifyou are not willing to suspend what you believe is the truth, atleast until you consider this material in whole, then there is nopoint in reading further. This will not help you and you might aswell stop here. However, if you are willing to consider thatperhaps there is an alternative way to play your inner game, asimple but powerful way, one that you hadn't considered before, ifyou are willing to hold an open mind, then this may be the bestthing you have read in years!

Self-Improvement Begins With Self-cceptance

"I want to get better", you say. "I want to get better in myhealth, in my relationships, in my finances, in my spirituality, insocial situations, with my body...."

You desire self-improvement in various areas of your life.In fact, you may even have struggled with yourself for years,trying to change some things unsuccessfully. You may have triedeverything! And nothing really worked.

Have you ever said to yourself, "I have all the knowledge, tools,courses and help necessary! I have attended the seminars, read thebooks, got motivated, and listened to dozens upon dozens of tapes.Why can't I seem to achieve the life I want, even when I haveeverything I need to make the changes? Why does it look so easy forsome people and so difficult for others including myself? Afterall, we all have access to the same knowledge, the same resources,and all that." Why has nothing changed, at least significantly?

Why, why, why?

I will tell you why. No, I will do one better. I will show you why. It is because you have to break through what is holding you back!There is nothing wrong with you, but you do have to go through whatis holding you back. To get to that place where you wish to be, youmust go through something. That something being what is holding youback. You can't dance around it, analyze it, wish it away, or thinkyour way out of the rut you are stuck in, in whichever area of yourlife where you are in a rut.

I will show you what is holding you back; and then I will show youhow to break through it easily! Anyone can do this.

Have you ever heard people talk about being blocked? Being blockedinternally? Having a blockage that is preventing them fromachieving their dreams?

What is a blockage, exactly?

It is a pattern of handling energy; specifically, it is a holdingpattern, better known as resistance.
Have a look at this diagram, which represents you in an area inwhich you may be facing a blockage... continue and view the diagrams and the entire explanation,click on this link...

David Cameron GikandiImages of One
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Best Regards,
Internet Dummy

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Sleep And Insomnia - Another Realam!


My resolution this year is promoting my website and blog via article writing. This is among the best method that it right NOW. Among things that I like to write and review is about Sleeping Disoder called - Insomnia.

Sleep And Insomnia.

If you were to ask the average person to define the difference between sleep and insomnia you would probably receive a variety of answers. Probably the most elementary answer would be that insomnia is the inability to sleep while the state of sleeping is exactly the opposite of insomnia or the ability to lie down and sleep.

Although, this elementary answer has quite a bit of truth to it, there is some gray area associated with defining the difference between sleep and insomnia. Therefore, in order to know the difference between sleep and insomnia and determine whether you suffer from insomnia it is important to understand what insomnia is, causes of insomnia and what to do to prevent insomnia.

What Is Insomnia?

When assessing the sleep that you receive each night it is important to clearly differentiate between sleep and insomnia. Although it is true that insomnia is the inability to fall asleep at night, it is also true that insomnia maybe a combination of sleeping patterns.

Those patterns can include falling asleep and waking up during the night with the inability to fall back to sleep again. In addition, insomnia may include an individual waking up too early.
In any case, the condition of insomnia leaves the individual feeling tired and lethargic.

This is because insomnia is not defined by the hours slept or not slept, but how restful the sleep is. Therefore, if there is a consistent routine in which the individual wakes up and does not feel rested, then that person may suffer from insomnia.

Causes Of Insomnia

There are many underlying causes that can disturb an individual and become the difference between sleep and insomnia. Some causes of insomnia can include environmental factors. Environment factors can include a change in a person’s schedule or weather changes.
Stress can also be a major catalyst as to whether a person experiences sleep or insomnia. Another major factor between sleep and insomnia is a person’s diet.

For example, if a person drinks significant amounts of alcohol or coffee they may be subject to insomnia. This is due to the fact that these two substances are diuretics. These diuretics increase the function of the kidneys which in turn causes frequent urination.
Preventing Insomnia

If given a choice between sleep and insomnia, it is safe to assert that many will choose sleep. To enhance this normal process there are a number of steps that an individual can implement to insure a good night’s rest.

A few of those steps include the following of a fairly strict routine of going to bed at a certain hour and waking up a specific time. Also, to ensure a good night’s rest avoid taking naps during the day.

Also, in regards to a person’s diet, avoid or minimize the use of coffee and alcohol. In addition, eating a light meal in the evening may aid in the sleeping process.

Finally, try to avoid worry and stress. This may be accomplished by reading in the evening, listening to relaxing music or soak in a warm bath.

More detail about Insomnia here.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Greeting To Year 2007


I think this is my first post on the year 2007. I was so tight up with works and time flies to fast. This year it will be a little bit different on how you can earn steady money on the net. You need to be BACK TO BASIC.

This is the key to internet success.

1) Targeted Market
2) Great Content
3) No Software or tools to boost your SEO or website such as Nichemonster, Quick Page Generator, HyperVRE or soon.
4) Learn form Ken Envoy - basic will do the magic.

Ok for now and will post to you later. Stay alert and aware.

Internet Dummy

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