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Thursday, July 02, 2009

The Great One Command To Wealth!!!!

Here is the breakthrough book that finally tells you the one great secret that you have never read anywhere - how to instantly stop your negative thoughts and get what you want instead!

Asara Lovejoy says, "Many can argue that reality is as it is, but it is my experience that the opposite is exactly true; reality is ours for the making."

The most amazing part of The One Command is that it not only works for increasing your financial good, it works the same way for health, relationships, success...anything you want!

"It's so simple, it's embarrassing," the author Asara Lovejoy says... and she INSISTS she can quickly teach this simple secret to YOU... IN JUST MOMENTS!

The rich information in The One Command shows you how to Command Your Wealth , Health, Happiness and all your good To You!

The basis for this teaching is the knowledge that you have an amazing capacity located in that resourceful part of your mind known as the theta state. By directing your mind to that greater intelligence in 6-Easy Steps you quickly access new and innovative ideas. You are taught to reach that greater intelligence through six-steps that change your thinking from ordinary beta to theta, a much deeper level of your consciousness.

Once you are able to enter into theta at will, you issue the One Command in a unified state of mind; the results are powerful in manifesting what you desire in a moment.

On the personal level, within your body is the blueprint of your character, dreams, and desires. In this teaching you are able to reach naturally and easily into the deepest levels of yourself, even down to your DNA, and thus make remarkable changes in your life.

This information teaches you to Command Your Wealth to you. Once you see the goal, no one can prevent you from making the journey. These original and unusual ideas are designed to change your life forever by changing the way that you think about cash, money, prosperity, and financial wealth.

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Easy Way To Make Money Online Repeatedly!


Why not make money from your own web and your own hosting? This cool opportunity is available from . You make USD32 for every sale of the package of USD120. Plus you earned USD2.80 for every sale that is made under you up to 5 level. And many more bonuses.

Grab this opportunity.

We will be your personal consultant on your new online business era.
We provide you with:

As for the Web Consultant Package you can choose option: Either Professional Design or D.I.Y Option :

Professional Design Option

Our web designer will design and create your website. Limited to 5 pages. You need to supply content, pictures, product pictures, company logo and etc for your website. Our designer will contact you for input.

Option 1-
Best for SME and Business Owner Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) Option

We will install a website builder software into your website. With the software you can design your own website, insert your pictures, product pictures, logo and many more. You can build unlimited pages here.

Option 2 - Best for individu and networker

It Your Choice! Get the Best for Your Website!

Average Cost Of Having Website

Hosting Cost - RM80 ~ RM500 per year based own storage capacity.
Domain Name - RM38 ~ RM120 per year. .com is cheaper than
Web Design/Content Basic - (5 Pages - full color) RM200 ~ RM1800. Based on content
Promotion Cost - RM600 ~ RM1000 per months. Text Ads in Berita Harian is RM150 per week.
Consultant Fee - RM500 ~ RM2000 per month. Consultation media - one to one, phone, email atau lain2.
Header Creation - RM100 ~ RM150
Picture Manager - RM10 ~RM30 per gambar etc resize, recolor, dan etc.
Average Cost Per Year

(Cheapest Cost!)
RM1,528/= about USD428

When we say "NOT ONLY THAT", we mean that you can enjoy monthly income revenue by having your own website.

If You Think Having A Website Or An Online Shop is NOT the WAY TO GO. You can CHOOSE OUR other Package To Earn MONEY!!!

* UD120 only for the first 1000 customer.

More detail please contact us and we will share the secret.

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Monday, February 02, 2009 - Not Just A Web Hosting?

You can sign up and join the affiliate program. Earn up to 60% income.
Our price is very attractive:

For Start Up - USD40 per year with - 3GB - unlimited domain & unlimited bandwidth. (Rm150)
For Start Up - USD53 per year with - 5GB -unlimited domain & unlimited bandwidth. (Rm200)
For Start Up - USD79 per year with - 10GB -unlimited domain & unlimited bandwidth. (Rm300)