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Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sex - The Easy Way to Quick Stress Relief!

Everyone deals with stress in his or her own way. One of the most common ways is lighting up a cigarette. Unfortunately, this is also one of the least healthy ways to deal with stress. So how do you find a healthy alternative for quick stress relief?

Writing, or keeping a journal, is a proven method of quick stress relief because it allows you to express yourself creatively while viewing your perceived problems in a different light. Of course, this is not for everyone, and you may even find stress levels increase as you place pressure on yourself to think of something to write. Hello, writer’s block!

Meditation and Yoga as Stress Relief

Perhaps the oldest form of stress relief is meditation. Anyone can do this without any prior training because it only requires you and your mind. All you have to do is breathe deeply and focus your mind on nothingness. Once you have achieved this state, you’ll find that meditation is not only great for quick stress relief, but can also help you easily get some sleep.

You may want to combine meditation with muscle relaxation techniques. To do this you tense and relax your muscles slowly. For example, starting with your toes, you tense the muscles, then slowly release as you breathe deeply. Move on to your calves, then your thighs, and so on until you have focused on all your muscle groups. Yoga is also an ancient stress reliever, but it requires some training to get started, so you may not wish to utilize this practice for quick stress relief, but rather for its long-term benefits.

Fun Ways to Relieve Stress

Exercise is fun! Okay, so it may not really be fun, but it is probably the one path to quick stress relief that will provide you with the most benefits. And you may not think so, but it’s incredibly easy to get started. Just drop everything and try 5 or 10 or 20 push-ups or sit-ups; that’s all it takes to change your mind’s focus from the things that are causing you stress.

By the time you are straining to knock out that last rep your boss’s belly-aching will be miles away. You may be a little sore at first, but the physical stress is a lot easier to overcome than the emotional variety. And maybe you can even talk your significant other into giving you a massage, another form of quick stress relief that may lead to the most fun stress reliever of all.

Come to think of it, the oldest way to find quick stress relief isn’t meditation at all, and it’s not nearly the most fun. In this day and age of therapy and prescription medication, sex is probably the most overlooked stress reliever of all. But as long as you have a consenting partner, it can be the easiest way to quick stress relief, and it can also serve as a form of exercise and just a general way to put a smile back on your face.

You may find that stress has caused your libido to slow to a crawl, but a little creativity can relight that fire and you will be well on your way to enjoyable stress management.

By Internet Dummy

p/s: Yup I agreed that SEX is the quickest STRESS relief for today modern living. No wonder the 18SX website is the most visited website and searched.

GPS and PDA? What is it?

Is it a GPS, a PDA or Both?

There are so many cool thing and gadget these days. Day by day there always be a new invention. Ok but what is GPS and PDA actually?

A GPS is a Global Positioning System which is basically a device which shows your current location on Earth to a high degree of accuracy. These devices are mainly used commercially as high-end maps which offer detailed directions to a plethora of locations in the country. An example of this is the Garmin nuvi 350. It comes with many preloaded maps and various Points of Interest which make it easier for the user to find stores, accommodation and even food wherever he or she may be with the ease of a touch screen.

A PDA is a Personal Digital Assistant or a “pocket computer” in layman’s terms. Nowadays, PDAs have gained audio capabilities which allow them to be used as mobile phones too- an extremely popular example is the BlackBerry, owned by RIM. This phone has been dominating the PDA market over many years and continues to gain popularity due to celebrities such as Paris Hilton using them.

Therefore, GPS PDAs are PDAs which have the added function of being GPS enabled. This means that one can find maps and directions on them too. An example of this device may be the Garmin iQue300 which holds the honor of being the first PDA to include GPS technology. Its GPS system was a Garmin and its PDA Operating System was that of Palm OS 5. A bonus feature in this product was that it could locate contacts stored on the phone through voice activation.

However, the debate rages on as to which is better? Are a GPS and PDA as two separate gadgets a wiser choice or should one opt for a converged device?

One Gizmo or Two?

There are pros and cons to whichever one you choose. Buying the GPS and the PDA separately will definitely be harder on your wallet than a converged device. Also, while hiking or pursuing any activity outside the car, a bulky GPS will be more of a problem than a help (unless you buy a GPS suited for the outdoors, which in turn will be more expensive).

In such situations you will be best suited with a GPS PDA phone. On the other hand, a converged unit may be more distracting for the user especially if he is using the phone and the GPS at the same time. The GPS PDA phone will also have a comparatively smaller screen than that of a GPS on its own, so it may be harder to read.

All in all, it depends on your needs. If you are technophobic and want to keep using your PDA as a minicomputer and a phone; separate units are better for you. But if you want to go easy on your wallet and don’t mind a little more complications, then a GPS PDA phone maybe your best choice.

More Than Just The Way To Grandma’s House

A PDA GPS system offers a lot more than just a convenient way to find the golf course nearest to the hotel you are staying in. PDA GPS, since it is portable, can also help you in case you wind up in a part of the world that you have never seen before. Many people can get just as lost walking, or going for a leisurely hike, as they can when they go for a drive. With a PDA GPS system you can always have the option of trying to get accurate directions to help you find your way out of nearly any situation.

The advantages to having a portable GPS system are a long list. If you are caught up in the hustle and bustle of a busy city and you need to get to an important meeting then the GPS system can help you find alternate ways of getting to your meeting. If you need a restaurant, hotel, or any other kind of business in the location you are at you can find any of that with GPS and then use your phone to contact that business to make any arrangements you may need to make.

GPS is quite a powerful invention and it has as many practical applications as it does life saving ones. Team up GPS with PDA and you suddenly have the ability to help find lost hikers in the mountains or find your way to safety out of nearly any situation that you get into.

By Internet Dummy

p/s: I got a PDA but Not A GPS PDA.